Launch of an International Cultural Organization

An international convention was held in Washington D.C. in 2003, which gathered a throng of professionals and leaders working on the fields of culture, academia, media, politics, and economy from about forty countries around the world. Participants in the Convention shared a consensus about the necessity for a cultural organization that can lead a concerted effort transcending borders and peoples and came to declare the launch of World Culture Open.  In commemoration of this event Washington D.C. announced June 1 as the World Culture Open Day, delivering the message to support WCO’s vision for the harmonious unity of global society. WCO declared that every person has the right to promote a better life, and in pursuit of a better life, the right to fully enjoy and exercise ‘culture’ that can empower them to take new actions towards achieving their desired life. At the Convention it was decided that WCO’s top priorities would be building creative and harmonious solidarity across the world through promoting dynamic and unprejudiced cultural exchange and coordinating multilateral cultural cooperation, which we are still striving to work on today with dedication.