Creative implementation of the Sustainable Cultural Development

Culture is not reduced or disappear when shared. On the contrary, culture enriches the lives of many people when shared among them. Good culture makes people to want to share it with more people. When one small act of sharing moves the heart of someone, that warmth spreads over more people with greater resonance.

In 2010, WCO’s regional office located in Seoul began an inspirational project called <Small Sharing, Great Happiness> with an aim to “help culture through culture” and “share culture with a larger public”. Planning cultural events and programs for the public such as concerts, lectures and exhibitions by bringing together the participation of various cultural artists and organizations that are already spreading specialized activities to be provided free of charge, the public is able to enjoy a wide range of cultural life without burden while the support funds collected through this have been used as the fund supporting the activities of other cultural artists and organization that are under difficult environment. It has shown an example of virtuous circle of culture where sharing gives birth to sharing and the entire field of culture becomes stimulated as the cultural artists and organizations who have received such support can later have a reciprocal opportunity to participate in position of ‘giving’ support to others on the same program. WCO is striving to develop and implement a successful model of creative cultural sharing such as <small sharing, great happiness> to make a positive contribution to the cultural development of the region.