mutual learning

 “Culture is not only art.  Culture is everything that defines…who we are, where we are, what we should be,
what we should do.  Culture is everything that gives us meaning.”
Johan Galtung during WCO Conference at the United Nations
Founder of Peace Research Institute Oslo and Transcend -A Peace, Development and Environment Network

Universal language

Billions of dreams, Billions of cultures.
Culture! Everyday, Everywhere.

World Culture Open

Expression of dreams

“The most holy of human rights is the right to art.”
Josè Antonio Abreu, Founder/ Director of El Sistema, Former Culture Minister of Venezuela,
Recipient of WCO Award 2004

Celebrate diversity

“Our differences are actually wealth which we must preserve in order to preserve the balance
and the harmony of the world.”
Cheick Oumar Sissoko
, Former Culture Minister of Mali

Embrace by culture

“How to live together?
I believe only by the voice of harmony, the harmonious cultural interaction, in other words,
it's the world culture open. Look at us!"

Yair Dalal (Israel) & Naser Musa (Palestine/Jordan) during WCO Awards Ceremony, Lincoln Center, NY