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Get Involved!

To Make Our World Better, Together

There are many ways for you to contribute to making our world a better place. We believe that anyone is able to make a difference in the community they are part of and we are grateful to those who willingly share what they have and make this possible.

Whatever your reasons for getting involved, and whether you are looking to give your time and effort, money, ideas or creativity, there is something out there for everyone. See how you can get involved below.

  • [Volunteer] Make a difference
    Community Leaders Community Leaders promote the “Better Together” spirit by continuously finding Culture Designers in their local communities and creating campaigns and events for the local Culture Designers to meet and share inspirations. You can start a Culture Designer community in your area. You will recruit members, run the meetings, plan and host talks, discussions and events. Writer/Reporter Contribute to our blog. Share the stories of Culture Designers and their work of making changes in your community. Or, Share important news and issues(social, cultural, political, etc.) of your area and country that are critically impacting/affecting lives of people. Your stories will be shared through our website and online newsletter. Volunteer writers should have some writing experience. Your stories will help all of us stay connected in our quest to make the world better together! Event Volunteers Volunteer at our events. There are lots of ways you can help. Social Media Volunteers Social Media Volunteers Program recruits people who are passionate about making positive social changes to fuel our social media presence and get stories of culture designers and social innovators into the public eye. The goal of this volunteer opportunity is to aid our social media coordinators in creating and sharing meaningful content across all of our social platforms. Fundraising Development Our programs cannot continue without supplies and funding for programs. It is the goal of these individuals to bring in donations, organize fundraisers, find potential corporate sponsors, and help to develop our fundraising strategy further. APPLY
  • [Nominate] Where are our heroes?
    There are people who are quietly but tirelessly working to tear down the walls that divide us, transform prejudice and indifference into inspired action, and make the world a better place for all. The efforts, great and small, of these humble people may go unrecognized, but they are the hidden heroes who are changing our society. Do you know anyone who is making action to bring positive changes to the community and people’s lives? Please share with us whom you have found and tell us about their stories. NOMINATE
  • [Collaborate] Collaboration is the Key
    The movement, campaigns and projects of World Culture Open are made possible through collaboration. Culture Designers – the innovators making meaningful social changes – play a very important role in shaping and implementing the various projects and activities of the World Culture Open. We seek to foster and be enriched in a culture of empathy and collaboration together with our fellow practitioners, experts, organizations and institutions. Please contact for more inquiries or suggestions for collaboration.
  • [Corporate Giving] Are you a company looking to give back?
    We are grateful for the support given by the corporate community. Corporate giving can greatly help enhance positive impact on the community. Whether you are a long-time corporate sponsor or you are looking for giving opportunities for the first time, we will work with your company to find the right partnership. Opportunities for Corporate Giving Event Sponsorship Sponsoring events is a great way for your company to get involved and support the work we do while gaining exposure to our supporters. Event sponsorship opportunities are available at multiple levels of giving. The Challenge Awards Our annual Better Together Challenge Awards recognize the work of those teams and individuals making positive changes to the community and greater society. We are interested in finding future sponsors for this event and prize funding. Grants Program Our grants program provides grants to local culture designers and changemakers(both individuals and organizations) so that significant challenges or needs within local communities can be addressed. We are looking to increase this fund through donations from corporate donors. We are also able to match donors directly with local culture designers who need support — financial or otherwise. Matches can be made for a one off project or to foster a long term relationship. If you are interested in learning more about these additional giving options, please contact us at
  • [Upcoming Events] You don’t want to miss it. Save the Date!
  • [Newsletter] Keep up to date
    Get inspiring stories of Culture Designers to your inbox and keep up-to-date with the what’s evolving in their communities. SUBSCRIBE
  • [Stay Connected] Join our #BetterTogether facebook group
    The BETTER TOGETHER Facebook group is super active and friendly. We chat, help each other out, share information and celebrate each other’s achievement. ANYONE can join our Facebook group after completing a very simple fill-out form. (It only takes a few minutes.) We will meet you there! JOIN
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