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Finding Culture Designers

Culture Designers are those innovative people and everyday heroes who are harnessing their talent and passion to make the world a better place for all.

This campaign is intended to invite everyone to find and share the stories of Culture Designers from all walks of life who are making tireless efforts to design a better society for all.

The campaign aims to honor those efforts and spread positive inspiration across communities by sharing their stories. Through the campaign, we hope to send a message that it takes the collective efforts of numerously many creative citizens to make real changes to the world. We all can become Culture Designers!

Why are we finding Culture Designers?

There are people who are quietly but tirelessly working to tear down the walls that divide us, transform prejudice and indifference into inspired action, and make the world a better place for all.


The efforts, great and small, of these humble people may go unrecognized, but it is thanks to them that we have hope for our society.


A master cobbler making one-of-a-kind shoes for people with disabilities;

A beach-comber who transforms marine debris into jewelry;

A musician who raises the spirits of marginalized children through musical education;

An artist who uses art as a catalyst to inspire a culture of inclusion;

A doctor who works proactively to prevent epidemics by changing its social construction;

An eco-city designer who dreams of cultivating 100,000 urban beekeepers;

A forest interpreter who is dedicated to understanding, protecting, and cherishing the forests.


We call these people CULTURE DESIGNERS, because they are shaping the culture and values towards a better world for all.


Culture Designers are ordinary people who yet enjoy making their lives extraordinary.

Culture Designers have a great sense of responsibility for transforming their passion for the better world into action.

Culture Designers are creative citizens using their talents in their own sphere of influence.

These innovative citizens are the hidden heroes changing our society.


The many problems and challenges facing our society cannot be easily resolved by one or two people. But little by little, one becomes two, and ten, and a hundred, and a thousand. When people gather and work together to enact change, their efforts reverberate to make our future more hopeful.


Let’s find Culture Designers around us and tell their stories to spread inspiration.

This campaign will continue until all of us find a Culture Designer within ourselves.

How can I participate?

Find and share the story of a Culture Designer.

Do you know anyone who is doing something to make positive changes to the community and people’s lives? Please share with us whom you have found and tell us about their stories.


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