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2030 Roadmap

2030 task force

Our Collaborative Structure


World Culture Open aims for a global collaborative network of private

and public sectors dedicated to fostering a harmonious world,

where everyone can live a better life together, actively exchange initiatives

and ideas, and collaborate with one another for the greater good.​​

*The Constitution of World Culture Open was established and adopted by the Governing Council in 2003.

Today, our global village is experiencing changes that we could have never foreseen.

For the past few decades, borders and distances between nations have been fading; citizens have been solving problems more efficiently than governments; people have been diagnosing problems and making empowering decisions on their own; voluntary civic movements without designated leaders have been rising all across the globe. 

A new form of “governance” based on collaboration is emerging. It is a collective guidance being created by ordinary citizens who are contemplating global and local challenges, making their voices heard, and linking their actions on an unprecedented scale.

Since 1999, when many of us began to look back on mankind’s history and worry about our world’s future at the turn of the millennium, World Culture Open has been envisioning a world where diverse individual lives blend together in harmony.

We have been striving towards a hopeful vision of establishing the ‘Open Global Cultural Organization’ in the near future, where citizens across the entire globe – not a select few countries or leaders in charge - actively participate in contemplating and designing the future of our planet. Since the start of the open culture movement, we have outlined a charter that embodies the spirit and the vision of the movement, and have been taking each step with great care to execute it.

Such an ‘Open Global Cultural Organization’ will join forces with Culture Designers (creative citizens and passionate civic advocates) and city and local governments (foundational community entities that are intimately and directly connected to our lives) to create a global collaborative network, where everyone exchanges ideas and initiatives and collaborates with one another for the greater good.

Having set year 2030 – considered by the UN (SDG) as the critical turning point for global crises – as its goal, World Culture Open has formed ‘2030 Task Force’ to start building a global collaborative network towards ‘a better world together’.


Meet the team

Research and Plan 

Jaimie(Joo-im) Moon / Executive Director

Lillian Yu / Director, Creative

Young Sik Kim / Director, Media



Connect and Collaborate 

Shinyoung Park / Executive Director

Kseniya Tsoy / Director, Network

Ok-man Oh / Director, Regional Coordination (Korea)



Administration and Support 

Jae Hee Ha / Executive Director

Sungmi Yun / Managing Director

Nari Han / Director, Development

Miji Kim / Director, Finance

Chengyan Jin / China Office Director



Executive Board

Jang Hong Koh / Vice President for Vision and Strategy

Dal-ho Chung / Vice President for External Relations

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