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The purpose of the World Culture Open is to promote and advance a worldwide cultural movement, whose mission is to provide creative intercultural platforms for people to engage, enjoy, embrace, and be enriched together, sharing and respecting each other’s cultural experience and knowledge, as well as dreams and ideas.

World Culture Open Charter 1.1



World Culture Open(WCO) is a global movement and creative think tank, powered by a worldwide network of creatives pursuing the greater good for all.


A Better World Together


To promote and advance a worldwide open culture movement


We build and nurture open platforms, online and offline, where creative ideas and practices are shared and exchanged. 

We spread stories of people making our world a better place for all. 

We connect spaces around the globe that are open for people to meet, engage and collaborate. 

Discovering, introducing, and nurturing Culture Designers | Designing public campaigns and platforms for cultural interchange | Spreading the space-sharing movement | Researching urban regeneration and revitalizing local cultures | Designing and Curating festivals and forums | Catalyzing cross-cultural networking and communications


World Culture Open (WCO)’s various projects are made possible by the
participation of creatives who share our vision.

For each project, the cycle of different creatives gathering to collaborate takes place naturally. These creatives are independent participants with unique areas of interests. They include freelancers, cultural planners, organizations, event managers, students, professors, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, and more, all of whom engage in different ways ranging from, for-profit to , non-profit to, volunteer work.

“In an ecosystem, interconnected organisms thrive without one holding power over another. A fern or a mushroom can express its full selfhood without ever reaching out as far into the sky as the tree next to which it grows. Through a complex collaboration involving exchanges of nutrients, moisture, and shade, the mushroom, fern, and tree don’t compete but cooperate to grow into the biggest and healthiest version of themselves.”
From ‘Reinventing Organization’ by Frederic Laloux

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