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1999~2001 Inception of a Cultural Movement

· Launch of the New Millennium Cultural Project, 1999
· Launch of a social network site for cultural exchange, 2000
· Launch of the C!here project (then called Open Center), Maryland, NY, 2001

2002~2004 Waving Hello to the World

· World Culture Open Day, Washington D.C., 2003
· Preliminary WCO Global Festival, Washington D.C., Seoul, 2003
· Academic research collaboration program, International Center for  transcultural Education,

  University of Maryland Center for the Study of Global Issues, University of Georgia, 2004
· Launch of the C!here Movement in Korea, Seoul, 2003
· Dreams of New Millennium Concert, Carnegie Hall, New York, 2004
· WCO Fair, New York, 2004
· World Culture Open Day, New York, 2004
· WCO Fair in Beijing, Great Hall of the People, Beijing, 2004
· WCO Award awarded to Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu of El Sistema, 2004
· WCO Youth Seminar, in co-organization with the UNESCO, Seoul, 2004
· International Culture Ministers Forum, United Nations, NY, 2004
· The WCO Global Festival, New York, Seoul, 2004

2005~2007 Seeking Ways Forward with the World

· WCO International Choral Festival, Lincoln Center, New York, 2005
· Sponsorship to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO)’s Telefood

  Campaign, 2005
· Aceh Tsunami relief and cultural support, Aceh, Indonesia, 2005
· UN DPI/NGO Conference, "A New Paradigm for Security” forum, United Nations, New York,

· Cultural support project for HIV orphans, Kigali, Rwanda, 2006
· WCO International Conference on Creative Economy for Development, co-organized with

  the UNDP/South-South Cooperation, Kigali, Rwanda, 2006
· Africa Regional Culture Ministers Forum, Kigali, Rwanda, 2006
· Pan-African Dance Festival, in partnership with the Ministry of Sports and Culture, Kigali,

  Rwanda, 2006
· UN Global Youth Leadership Summit, in partnership with the United Nations Sport for

  Development and Peace (UNOSDP), United Nations, New York, 2006
· Youth United Against Malaria Concert, United Nations, New York, 2006

2008~2011 Sowing Seeds of Cultural Movement across East Asia

· WCO Asia Future Forum, Beijing, 2008
· C!here Expo, New York, 2008
· Launch of the C!here Movement in China, Beijing, 2008
· Beijing WCO Friends Forum, Beijing, 2009
· WCO Gala Concert, Beijing, 2009
· East Asia Regional Cultural Exchange Concert Series (China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia),

  Beijing, Tokyo, 2009~2014
· Launch of ‘W Stage’ space platform for revitalization of regional culture, Seoul, Beijing,

  Shanghai, Jeju, 2010~
· Young Artists’ Narratives, Seoul, 2010
· Launch of the WCO Creative Sharing Campaign, Seoul, 2010
· Japan Earthquake Relief Charity Concert for the children of Iwate Prefecture, Japan, 2011

2012~2016 “Culture! Everyday, Everywhere” towards a
Flourishing World for All

· Cultural support program for Fergana Arts School, Fergana, Uzbekistan, 2012
· Launch of C!talk Cultural Sharing Movement, Beijing, 2012
· Launch of C!talk in Korea, Seoul, 2013
· Launch of ‘Reframing Civilization for the 21st Century’, 2013
· Exhibitions and design workshops for Beijing Design Week, Beijing, 2013
· Cultural support program for empowering the young through media education, Solobon,

  Zambia, 2013
· Launch of Open Culture Lab and Culture Design Movement, 2013~
· East Asia Regional Cultural Exchange Concert (China, Korea, Japan), Seoul, 2014
· Cultural support program for the youth and orphans, Matoto, Guinea, 2014
· ‘Conversation with Local Leaders’ forum and workshop series, 2014~
· Co-Sponsorship with Naver Cultural Foundation for ‘Open Lectures’ series, Seoul, 2014~2017
· Korea-Morocco Friendship Forum, Seoul, 2014
· C!here Art Crawl, Beijing, 2014
· Support program for ‘Culture Design’ social impact projects, Seoul, 2013~
· Participating partner for the ‘Educational Week for the Earth Community’ organized by Korea

  Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity and the Ministry of Education of

  Korea, Seoul, 2014
· Culture Design Fair, Seoul, with NAVER Cultural Foundation, 2014
· Co-host of Harvard Leadership Forum, Seoul, 2015
· Culture Session at 2015 Jeju Forum, Proclamation on culture with Jeju Special Self-Governing

  Province, Jeju, 2015
· ‘Hello, World!, cultural exchange program series, Co-organized with Embassies of Morocco,

   Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, France, Greece Embassies, Beijing, Seoul,

· C!here Art Crawl II, Beijing, , 2015
· World Music Shanghai collaborative partnership, 2015~
· Jeju 4.3 Peace Forum Roundtable, Jeju, 2015
· International Conference on “A Vision for peace in East Asia through the Arts” at Art&Asia Jeju

  2015, Co-organized with Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Jeju, 2015
· Collaborative partnership with universities and institutions, 2015~
· Launch of ‘Finding Culture Designers’ Campaign, Seoul, 2016
· Collaborative partnership agreement with Cheongju City, 2016
· Collaborative partnership agreement with Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea and

  Seoul Metropolitan Government, 2016
· Women’s Leadership Seminar, Co-organized with the U.S. Embassy Seoul, 2016
· Young Leaders’ Culture Summit at 2016 Jeju Forum, Jeju, 2016
· Culture Designers Fair, Jeju, 2016

· OPEN VOICE roundtable discussion series, Seoul, Jeju, Beijing, Moscow, Singapore, 2016~
· 2016 Culture Cities of East Asia, Jeju, 2016
· 2016 Korea Culture Designer Awards, Seoul, 2016

· #beOPEN campaign, 2016

2017~2019 Forwarding a Culture of Empathy and Collaboration “We are Better Together”

· Launch of W Stage Jeju, 2010~
· #BetterTogether campaign, 2017
· Cultural partnership for Healing Fair 2017
· Better Together lecture series, ‘I am because we are’, Seoul, 2017
· Better Together Urban Camp ‘Beyond Textbooks’, Seoul, 2017
· Better Together workshop series ‘Global Citizenship’, Seoul, 2017
· Better Together Potluck Series, Seoul, 2017
· Collaborative partnership with Global Bubble Parade, Seoul, Beijing, 2017
· C!here Art Crawl III, Beijing, Shanghai, 2017
· ‘Let’s meet at the playground’ Günter Beltzig Exhibition, Seoul, 2017
· ‘Hello, World!, cultural exchange program series, Co-organized with Embassies and cultural

   ambassadors of Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Cameroon, Seoul, Beijing, 2017
· Better Together 2017-‘Global Festival for Culture Designers’, Cheongju, 2017

· Yemen Kitchen’ Better Together workshop, Seoul, 2018
· Open Day of Art, Seoul, 2018
· ‘Hello, World!’, cultural exchange program series, Co-organized with Embassies and cultural

   ambassadors of Afghanistan and Ecuador
· ‘Peace Power’ World Music Concert, Seoul, 2018
· ‘Meet the Culture Designer’ workshop and lecture series for Youth, Seoul, 2018~2019
· ‘Cultivating a Global Mindset through Arts’, Seoul, 2018
· Me-We Discovery workshop, Toronto, 2018
· Better Together Challenge 2018, Daejeon, 2018
· Open Day of Art, Seoul, 2019
· ‘Hello, India!’ cultural exchange program, Seoul, 2019

· Better Together Challenge 2019, PyeongChang, 2019

· Better Together Talk at The 1st GENIE Forum, Jeonju, 2020

   In partnership with the Presidential Committee for National Balanced of Korea

· Better Together Challenge 2020, PyeongChang, 2020

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