1999~2001 Inception of a Cultural Movement

· Launch of the New Millennium Cultural Project, 1999
· Launch of a social network site for cultural exchange, 2000
· Launch of the C!here project (then called Open Center), Maryland, NY, 2001

2002~2004 Waving Hello to the World

· World Culture Open Day, Washington D.C., 2003
· Preliminary WCO Global Festival, Washington D.C., Seoul, 2003
· Academic research collaboration program, International Center for  transcultural Education,

  University of Maryland Center for the Study of Global Issues, University of Georgia, 2004
· Launch of the C!here Movement in Korea, Seoul, 2003
· Dreams of New Millennium Concert, Carnegie Hall, New York, 2004
· WCO Fair, New York, 2004
· World Culture Open Day, New York, 2004
· WCO Fair in Beijing, Great Hall of the People, Beijing, 2004
· WCO Award awarded to Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu of El Sistema, 2004
· WCO Youth Seminar, in co-organization with the UNESCO, Seoul, 2004
· International Culture Ministers Forum, United Nations, NY, 2004
· The WCO Global Festival, New York, Seoul, 2004

2005~2007 Seeking Ways Forward with the World

· WCO International Choral Festival, Lincoln Center, New York, 2005
· Sponsorship to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO)’s Telefood

  Campaign, 2005
· Aceh Tsunami relief and cultural support, Aceh, Indonesia, 2005
· UN DPI/NGO Conference, "A New Paradigm for Security” forum, United Nations, New York,

· Cultural support project for HIV orphans, Kigali, Rwanda, 2006
· WCO International Conference on Creative Economy for Development, co-organized with

  the UNDP/South-South Cooperation, Kigali, Rwanda, 2006
· Africa Regional Culture Ministers Forum, Kigali, Rwanda, 2006
· Pan-African Dance Festival, in partnership with the Ministry of Sports and Culture, Kigali,

  Rwanda, 2006
· UN Global Youth Leadership Summit, in partnership with the United Nations Sport for

  Development and Peace (UNOSDP), United Nations, New York, 2006
· Youth United Against Malaria Concert, United Nations, New York, 2006

2008~2011 Sowing Seeds of Cultural Movement across East Asia

· WCO Asia Future Forum, Beijing, 2008
· C!here Expo, New York, 2008
· Launch of the C!here Movement in China, Beijing, 2008
· Beijing WCO Friends Forum, Beijing, 2009
· WCO Gala Concert, Beijing, 2009
· East Asia Regional Cultural Exchange Concert Series (China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia),

  Beijing, Tokyo, 2009~2014
· Launch of ‘W Stage’ space platform for revitalization of regional culture, Seoul, Beijing,

  Shanghai, Jeju, 2010~
· Young Artists’ Narratives, Seoul, 2010
· Launch of the WCO Creative Sharing Campaign, Seoul, 2010
· Japan Earthquake Relief Charity Concert for the children of Iwate Prefecture, Japan, 2011

2012~2016 “Culture! Everyday, Everywhere” towards a
Flourishing World for All

· Cultural support program for Fergana Arts School, Fergana, Uzbekistan, 2012
· Launch of C!talk Cultural Sharing Movement, Beijing, 2012
· Launch of C!talk in Korea, Seoul, 2013
· Launch of ‘Reframing Civilization for the 21st Century’, 2013
· Exhibitions and design workshops for Beijing Design Week, Beijing, 2013
· Cultural support program for empowering the young through media education, Solobon,

  Zambia, 2013
· Launch of Open Culture Lab and Culture Design Movement, 2013~
· East Asia Regional Cultural Exchange Concert (China, Korea, Japan), Seoul, 2014
· Cultural support program for the youth and orphans, Matoto, Guinea, 2014
· ‘Conversation with Local Leaders’ forum and workshop series, 2014~
· Co-Sponsorship with Naver Cultural Foundation for ‘Open Lectures’ series, Seoul, 2014~2017
· Korea-Morocco Friendship Forum, Seoul, 2014
· C!here Art Crawl, Beijing, 2014
· Support program for ‘Culture Design’ social impact projects, Seoul, 2013~
· Participating partner for the ‘Educational Week for the Earth Community’ organized by Korea

  Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity and the Ministry of Education of

  Korea, Seoul, 2014
· Culture Design Fair, Seoul, with NAVER Cultural Foundation, 2014
· Co-host of Harvard Leadership Forum, Seoul, 2015
· Culture Session at 2015 Jeju Forum, Proclamation on culture with Jeju Special Self-Governing

  Province, Jeju, 2015
· ‘Hello, World!, cultural exchange program series, Co-organized with Embassies of Morocco,

   Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, France, Greece Embassies, Beijing, Seoul,

· C!here Art Crawl II, Beijing, , 2015
· World Music Shanghai collaborative partnership, 2015~
· Jeju 4.3 Peace Forum Roundtable, Jeju, 2015
· International Conference on “A Vision for peace in East Asia through the Arts” at Art&Asia Jeju

  2015, Co-organized with Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Jeju, 2015
· Collaborative partnership with universities and institutions, 2015~
· Launch of ‘Finding Culture Designers’ Campaign, Seoul, 2016
· Collaborative partnership agreement with Cheongju City, 2016
· Collaborative partnership agreement with Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea and

  Seoul Metropolitan Government, 2016
· Women’s Leadership Seminar, Co-organized with the U.S. Embassy Seoul, 2016
· Young Leaders’ Culture Summit at 2016 Jeju Forum, Jeju, 2016
· Culture Designers Fair, Jeju, 2016

· OPEN VOICE roundtable discussion series, Seoul, Jeju, Beijing, Moscow, Singapore, 2016~
· 2016 Culture Cities of East Asia, Jeju, 2016
· 2016 Korea Culture Designer Awards, Seoul, 2016

· #beOPEN campaign, 2016

2017~2019 Forwarding a Culture of Empathy and Collaboration “We are Better Together”

· Launch of W Stage Jeju, 2010~
· #BetterTogether campaign, 2017
· Cultural partnership for Healing Fair 2017
· Better Together lecture series, ‘I am because we are’, Seoul, 2017
· Better Together Urban Camp ‘Beyond Textbooks’, Seoul, 2017
· Better Together workshop series ‘Global Citizenship’, Seoul, 2017
· Better Together Potluck Series, Seoul, 2017
· Collaborative partnership with Global Bubble Parade, Seoul, Beijing, 2017
· C!here Art Crawl III, Beijing, Shanghai, 2017
· ‘Let’s meet at the playground’ Günter Beltzig Exhibition, Seoul, 2017
· ‘Hello, World!, cultural exchange program series, Co-organized with Embassies and cultural

   ambassadors of Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Cameroon, Seoul, Beijing, 2017
· Better Together 2017-‘Global Festival for Culture Designers’, Cheongju, 2017

· Yemen Kitchen’ Better Together workshop, Seoul, 2018
· Open Day of Art, Seoul, 2018
· ‘Hello, World!’, cultural exchange program series, Co-organized with Embassies and cultural

   ambassadors of Afghanistan and Ecuador
· ‘Peace Power’ World Music Concert, Seoul, 2018
· ‘Meet the Culture Designer’ workshop and lecture series for Youth, Seoul, 2018~2019
· ‘Cultivating a Global Mindset through Arts’, Seoul, 2018
· Me-We Discovery workshop, Toronto, 2018
· Better Together Challenge 2018, Daejeon, 2018
· Open Day of Art, Seoul, 2019
· ‘Hello, India!’ cultural exchange program, Seoul, 2019

· Better Together Challenge 2019, PyeongChang, 2019

· Better Together Talk at The 1st GENIE Forum, Jeonju, 2020

   In partnership with the Presidential Committee for National Balanced of Korea

· Better Together Challenge 2020, PyeongChang, 2020

Culture Makes each one of us unique, and at the  same time, culture opens up our common humanity, connecting us all.

From the Preamble of the Constitution of WORLD CULTURE OPEN

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